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Once you’ve finished your project, don’t keep it to yourself! Share it – it’s easy to do! If your content meets the CreationStation website criteria, we want it on the site.

Submitting Content

You’ve created… Now share!

If you have created something that your neighbors can learn from and enjoy, especially if it’s related to Palm Beach County, Florida, we’d like to place it on this site. Just send it to CreationStation using the form below, and our staff will review it. The video, music, podcast or images must be original and be of high sound and visual quality.

Submit your content for sharing if it is:
  • Informative: We are looking for videos, podcasts, or stories on a variety of topics.
  • Accurate: If you’re using facts, make sure that they’re accurate. Content should be factual and nonpartisan. Need help? A librarian can direct you as you research.
  • Relevant to Our Community: We are looking for topics that are relevant to community needs and interests.
  • Suitable for ALL: This includes suitability of subject, style, and level for the intended audience.
  • High Production Quality: Audio and video must be clear and easily seen and heard.

How to Submit

How to submit your content.

Include your name (and the names of anyone else who helped create the content), your email address and some information about the image, video, music, or podcast. All submitted content must meet our selection criteria. We’ll review the content, and let you know when it’s been added to the site.

Note: Before uploading content to the CreationStation website, please be certain that you own the copyright to all content in your work or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to use the content. For more information on copyright, check out our terms and conditions.


We’re happy to help! Give us a call at (561) 233-2600 or email and we can guide you through the steps getting your content to us.

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